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by an average 40■ percent. So far, ho●me appliance ●giants Hisen?/span>

the 〓project is also a b■ig help for ○the household e○lectronic appliance○ industry hit by th●e global financia■l crisis. And it ○will help top■ potentially e◆normous demand○ across Chi○na's vast ru〓ral regions.Sui Yin◆ghui, Director● of Economics Insti●tute of CA■SS Qingdao sa〓id "It

's estimated t●hat if the central○ gov

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 and Haier have ●set up over 40-thous◆and outlets in ○rural are


ernment invests ◆one yuan, this will■ directly st○imulate fa◆rmers to spen●d eight yu■an. It means in t●he next fo■ur years, the proje●ct will ge●nerate up to 9■00 billion in r〓ural consumption.●"The proje○ct will be ○further expanded◆ in February next ye○ar, when it wil◆l cover all ru〓ral areas. And it w○ill stay in place○ until January 20○13.Farmers hope ●that local financia◆l and commerce ◆authorities〓 can further simpli●fy subsidy procedu〓res.Related stori■es:Xue Juanjuan and ●her fiance have car〓efully prepared a● long shopping ■list befor■e stepping into an ◆electronics ■chain in Shan●ghai, in the h〓ope of racking up ○great deals via〓 an applian●ce rebate pro■gram targeting rur●al residents such as■ them.For ●the 22-year-old, wh●o wants to buy s●ome

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and an a●ir conditioner f○or her new home ●in Jiading distr○ict an outlying ■area near Shanghai,○ about 20 km away be●fore getting marr○ied in Jun

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e,◆ the government■-backed appliance re○bate scheme is her ◆early wedd〓ing gift.Just a fe■w weeks ago, the● municipal governm◆ent of Sha●nghai launched 〓the much talk◆ed-about sub●sidy progr■am called "◆home applianc●es going t○o the countr◆yside" close on th●e heels of 14 o●ther cities and prov○inces around ●the country○, which started t

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h〓e program las〓t December〓.The program● in Shanghai, is◆ expected t○o boost consum◆ption among 1.7○4 million farmer〓s and other〓s living in the ◆city's 14 distri■cts and coun●ties, as well a◆s to allevi○ate pressure on man◆ufacturing firms."T●he program is expect●ed to stimulate rur○al consumption of● around 12 billion■ yuan this ye

a〓r in Shanghai ●by giving 13● percent discount○s on 1,600■ types of low-pri●ced home appli●ances," said Zhang ●Xinsheng, deput?/p>

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